Results Are In: Animals Vs. People Vs. Animals

I understand that we should value every life.  Whether they be human, animal, or plant.  We should cherish the beauty not only on the outside, but also, more importantly, on the inside.  The soul and being.

Today, I was driving to school on a busy highway to school.  There are two to three lanes at all times on this road.  While driving, I saw this guy in a Hummer, burn out to take off the line as fast as possible, and speed off.  When he took off though, (whether it was by accident or not) he ran over a bunny. Well, beings as I am training to enter the medical field (although this is nowhere near my field of interest nor expertise), my instincts took over immediately to help this bunny.  However, when I saw it, its back legs were completely crushed.  It only had use of its front legs.

I pulled over and moved the bunny out-of-the-way.  I thought about ways to save it. I though about taking it to a vet, an animal hospital, or even a humane society.  I tried so hard to save it.  I wanted nothing more than save it.  By the time I could move it, even the slightest, that bunny had already passed.

Some people may think it’s crazy or silly to risk your life on a major highway in order to save a bunny.  I don’t.  Think of it this way, if you were hit by a car…If ANY human were hit by a car…. wouldn’t you help them?  Maybe not you specifically, but wouldn’t you expect someone, anyone… to help them?  To help you?

I watch on the news how people like Michael Vick, (circa 2007) who were verbally bashed for his mistreatment of dogs, or even in everyday life, people call the police on others who leave their pets in their cars in the summer (even if the window is cracked.)  I sincerely wonder, what is the true difference?  The difference between how we value a “house pet” versus how we see an ordinary animal.

How is it we value the life of a cat more than that of a bunny?

I would never ask people to swerve off the side of the road to avoid them.  I just am wondering, if it’s not going to do any damage to you, to your car, or to anyone else around you, why not attempt to save an animal’s life?  Maybe get out of your car (if you’re not obstructing traffic) and help a turtle cross the road, help a lost cat find it’s owner, or even make sure a deer is out of harm’s way?  It’s just one of those things you question…


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