Cops DO Have a Sense of Humor

I meant to write this story down when it first occurred. Who would have thought that my total view of police officers would have changed all by one routine traffic stop. Let me start at the beginning…

It all began on a Thursday night. I had to work Friday night so my best friend, (for sake of blogging on the internet, I will call her, Sally) and I decided to go out the night before.  I work till close so Friday was definitely out.

We met up at this local bar around us at 10 p.m. It was our friend’s birthday so of course, things were already rowdy way before we even arrived. Interestingly enough.

We drove in two separate cars, rolling up within 5 minutes of each other. Our timing is usually good like that.  When we got out, we stood in the parking lot chatting and saying our usual hello.

Sally and I walked into the bar and greeted a few of our friends, well the sober ones at least.  Sally went over to talk to a few friends and grab a pool table for us to play, and I greeted (who at the time) was this guy I was “seeing” and I will use that term lightly.  (Again for blogging sake, I’ll call him Alex.)

Sally, Alex, and I, along with some other random guy played a few rounds of pool.  It was no later than 12:30 am when I noted the time and headed for the door.  Alex asked me if I was good to drive, and of course I told him I was. I had only had a beer and that was over 2 hours before I was heading out to leave the bar.

I jumped in my car and started the drive home. When I was about halfway home I started to get really tired. I thought about pulling over but I figured it was only a 45 minute drive home for me, and it was already almost 1 am. I could do it.

I’m almost home now. I can see the blinking light that signals that I’m less than 2 miles from home. Suddenly…

*blinking blue lights*

Perfect. Just perfect.

I pull over and reached over, grab my license and registration out of my glovebox.  The police officer walked up to my window with a bright shining flashlight pointed directly in my face.

Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over.”

Damn it. He obviously pulled me over because I was doing 75 in a 55. I’m so getting a ticket.

Yes I do officer, I believe it was because I was speeding. I’m sorry, I’m just trying to make it home because I don’t want to wake my parents by walking in the door after 1 am.”

Which is True.

The officer just smiled and said, “Yes, have you been drinking tonight?”

I wasn’t about to lie, so I told him the truth. “I did have a beer earlier. About 2 and hours ago actually. But nothing to the point where I am messed up to drive.”

He nodded and then pulled out a pen. “Ma’am. Please follow my pen with your eyes. Don’t move your head though.”

Simple enough.

After doing that, I handed him my license and registration. He walked back to his car smiling. I thought for sure this meant I was going to get a ticket. I began to come up with different ways I could get out of this. I thought about crying, about begging for him to let me off, anything.

He walks back to my car and says, “Do you know you have a bench warrant out for your arrest? Apparently, you had a ticket up in Monroetownship for a moving violation that you were supposed to appear in court for, and you never did.”

I was frantic. When was I in Monroetownship? Wait, where is that? Is that even in my state?  I was at a loss for words.

So I shuddered, “I… I do? I mean… when… where… I do?”

The police officer looks down and starts laughing and says, “April Fools!  I’m only kidding you. You’re record is clean. Have a nice night and drive home safe.”

I look down at the dashboard and notice it’s now 2 am, Friday. April 1st. As the officer is walking back to his car, laughing the whole way there, I’m sitting there dumbfounded, with a smug smile on my face.

I had just been fooled by a cop.


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