Car Accident — August 2008

Here’s the story. (Circa 2008)

I was making a turn and I came to a complete dead stop with my blinker on.
The lady was going 55 mph in a 40 mph zone.
She slammed into the back right fender of my car.
It would be different if I was not in the turning zone or making an illegal turn but it was all legal.

Then after she hit me I rolled down my window and asked if she was ok…
She automatically started bitching at me.
I was more concerned if she was okay rather than how badly the dents were.

When we pulled out of the intersection, I started exchanging information with her…
And she didn’t want to call the cops.
In the state of New Jersey, it is illegal to have an accident and not report it to the police.

I called my father and asked him what to do. (Obviously at 18, I was unfamiliar with what to do in the event of an accident.

The cops arrived after I called them immediately and they took both of our statements.
The cop then took my information down and I was hysterical.

The police officer then walked over to me and said… “well someone has to get a ticket and its you.”
I looked at the ticket and it said careless driving.
I was speechless.
The only thing I could say was “So this involves points?”
The cop replied “Points are involved yes.”

I just got in my car and waited… crying.
The lady is from Washington State and its obvious the cops just didn’t want to upset her because she was in her early 50s.
Everyone says she was clearly at fault.

She totaled the one side of my car and her car only had a few dents that could easily be fixed.

At this point though, I am still stunned rather than mad though.
I am glad she is okay but this is pure bullshit.

My questions are..
1. How is it my fault if I was hit in the rear?
2. How is it my fault if I was at a complete stop and even the lady said to the cop that I was at a complete stop?
3. How is it my fault if the lady was speeding when she hit me?
4. How is this even deemed careless driving on my behalf?
5. Why didn’t the lady get a ticket for slamming into me, speeding, causing an accident, or reckless/careless driving?
6. Was age a factor (beings that she was 53 or so and I was 18)?
7. Why did they talk to her a lot longer than they did me?
8. Why is it that I am feeling like this is a bunch of bullshit?

My court date is set and yeah, you better believe I am appearing with a lawyer.

Oh and I am expected to pay for the damages?
This is awful.


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