98. Get a Tattoo

98. Get a Tattoo.

When I originally made my bucketlist up, back in February of 2009, I didn’t have any tattoos. I had a fear of needles and I was not really against the idea of inking my body but definitely reluctant. I wanted to get something eventually done, maybe a cute butterfly or a small lady bug or something cute. Definitely small though. I have heard some horror stories in the past about body’s rejecting the ink and such and then people being scarred up. I was afraid to risk it.

A tattoo is forever, barring you don’t get laser surgery to remove it or help conceal it. I was really afraid to get a tattoo that I liked initially and then ended up regretting. I was also worried about the fact that some times when you get a tattoo, when you get older or gain (or loss) weight the tattoo deforms. So I was worried that if I did get it, after a few years it wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be and I would be stuck with it. Regretting ever getting it.

To me though, a tattoo signifies something that is important to you. Meaningful, and that’s exactly what I wanted. Something on me forever that meant something.



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