Results Are In: Chivalry is Dead

Maybe It Means More.

Webster defines Chivalry as:  the qualities of the ideal knight : chivalrous conduct.

Chivalrous is defined:  Marked by gracious courtesy and high-minded consideration especially to women.

By today’s standards, Chivalry means an entirely different thing. Some believe being chivalrous means simply holding open doors for women or making sure they are okay when they walk to their car late at night. It’s much more than that. It’s more than making sure the woman is the first off the elevator. It’s more than unlocking and opening a car door so that the woman can get seated in the car first.  Being chivalrous is about everything in between.


I once heard, that in every great relation there is compromise.  One party will give in for the other, in order to make the other party happy.  Later down the line, whenever that may be, the other party will give in the other.  That makes total sense.  Both sides will be happy.  In the process, each gives up a bit but gains a lot.  They both gain the understanding, love, and compassion of the other party.

Newsflash: Guys. Women love it when you are willing to get involved with things they are doing.  Maybe you don’t want to watch the newest chick flick that came into the movies, maybe you don’t want to take your girlfriend out shopping so she can try on thirty dresses and complain that she feels fat in all of them. But you know what? You should do it. Girls like it when guys take interest in what they like doing.

Women Aren’t “Hoes.”

Women deserve to be treated like the ladies they truly are.  Stop calling women hoes, whores, sluts, and bitches. We don’t walk around calling you names. We should, but we don’t.  Don’t objectify women like they are just going to be used as a piece of “ass.”  We are more than that.  Most of us are genuinely great contributes to society and should be treated as such. Trust me, no woman wants to be treated like she is a whore and she sure as hell doesn’t want to be called one either.  When you call her those names, it just shows her and everyone else around her that you have zero to no respect for her.  She doesn’t appreciate it.

So next time you think about disrespecting a women, take a step back. Ask yourself why you are single. Is it because you have a crappy personality?  Probably not. Is it because you don’t make enough money?  More than likely not.  Is it because you don’t have a shiny flashy car?  Nope.  Or is it the fact that every woman you come in contact with you treat like they are just a piece of meat for you to use and abuse?  Yes, that’s the ticket.  If you want respect, you have to give it.  That’s what we are all taught over the years.  So why not respect a woman?  Why not help a woman by carrying her groceries or helping her cross the street on a busy intersection?  Trust me, they appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.


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