Results Are In: Death and Taxes

The signs are all around us, if we are willing to look.

From time to time, we meet someone in our lives, that absolutely changes us. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes, for the worse. We make friends, burn bridges, and re-patch up broken friendships. It’s part of life. We will break-up and make-up. It’s just what we, as a person, do.

If you are willing to take the time, I mean actually take the time to look around you, you will see there are signs everywhere. Much like I did in my life, recently.  Allow me to explain…

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Seriously. I say this more to the women than I do the men. Ladies, don’t go through your life thinking everything is a “sure thing” because it’s not. Allow me to quote Benjamin Franklin on this one.

“But in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”

Ironic. Isn’t it. How long ago that quote was said, and yet it still holds true today.

I am guilty of this myself. I have thought things were going to work out, whether they be job-wise, school related, or even, as foolishly as I assumed, relationship wise. So allow me to repeat. Nothing is a sure thing. Nothing. Except, as Ben put it, death and taxes.

Don’t assume everything is going to turn up roses, because truth may be that it will turn up duds.

Be Positive!

Here’s the thing, people are going to come and go in your life and there isn’t much you can do about it. All you can do, is enjoy the time you have with them and hope for the best. Be optimistic. Be open to changes, be open to meeting new people, going different places, and hanging with different crowds. You don’t like your life? Change it!

You only are given one life, so live it to its fullest. Be who you want to be. Love what you want to love. Dream as big as you want to. Truth is, you are who you want to be.


One thought on “Results Are In: Death and Taxes

  1. I’d like to add my thoughts to this, in regards to you thinking “things would just work out.” You are right, nothing is a “sure thing”…most of the BEST things in life, like relationships, actually take work. Some attention. Some honest-to-god, I-care-about-this choices. Choose positivity, and caring and you WILL reap what you sow. Not every time, everywhere, but the seeds you sow in the right fertile ground will produce the sweetest, ripest fruit. The rest of it? Ehhh, who wants to eat that anyway 😉

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