Enter If You Dare…

And the Contest Begins…

If I had to describe what we do in class to anyone, on the outside looking in, it probably appears that all we do in Med School is fuck around and not really do anything.  Well, if you were to say that about today, you would be right.  It’s the week of Finals and while most schools would have classes studying and preparing for finals, what does my school have?   Yup, you guessed it, a Halloween Door Decorating Contest.  So, of course, my class (and by my class I mean, two people and I) prepared long and hard.  We conjured up all of our resources to find everything we could to really make a good door.

On A Usual Day…

Our Classroom door is a hard wood door with a brass handle.  Very boring but alas, efficient for a medical setting.  The walls are a boring white color and the floors a hard linoleum.  The whole place reminds me of a hospital or laboratory setting, as cliché as that sounds.  It works well considering we stomp the hallways in lab coats and stab away with needles in the clinical rooms, except today.  We had to change the dynamic completely, even if it was going to be judged all of three minutes.  Haha.

On Your Mark

As soon as we got to class today, I dumped a pile of different bags on my desk with the following items:

  1. A fog machine
  2. A strobe light
  3. A set of red lights (50 lights)
  4. A set of white lights (200 lights)
  5. A one gallon jug of fog juice
  6. A bag of spider webbing
  7. A pallet of ten spiders
  8. Three packages filled with organs including the following:  Heart, Lungs, Eyes, Ears, Kidneys
  9. Twenty Severed Fingers
  10. One White Table Cloth
  11. One Yellow Foam Poster Board
  12. Two Cans of Spray Paint (One Black, One Clear)
  13. Three Rats
  14. Five Bottles of Gel Blood
  15. Two Box cutters
  16. One Torn Up, Shredded Curtain
  17. One Canister of Rubber Cement
  18. One roll of electrical tape
  19. Gel Blood Splatter with Razor Blades

Immediately, we covered the door with the white table-cloth and spray painted it black.  Everyone from different classes kept coming in and asking us what we were doing, since rumor had it, we were the class to beat.  We were the competition.  Rightfully so. Once the spray paint dried, we put the lights up around the door way, and decorated the door with the various organs placing them strategically around the door.  We mounted the strobe light in the top corner of the door and then placed the spiderweb outside the doorway.  Once the door and organs dried, we rubber cemented the letters together on the door which spelled out “Autopsy Room” and tapped the “Die-Rectory” on the wall just outside the doorway.

We then placed a phlebotomy chair outside of the door, and placed all the rats (that we bloodied up) and strung lights all over the chair to help illuminate it.  We placed a liver on the one arm of the chair and dipped it in the gel blood for an extra bloody effect.  Once the door was dried, we heated up the gel blood again and poured four tubes down from the top of door and allowed it to run down the door from the top.  We placed the Gel Blood Splatter with the Razor Blades around the door and draped the shredded curtain up the bottom of the door, interlocking the organs in the webbing.

Just For The Added Effect…

We finished up with a half hour left before judging was supposed to take place.  It was 11:30 am and judging was due at 12 noon.  We had spent the past two and half hours light, painting, gluing, taping, blooding, slicing, and wrapping up our door.  The competition was dying to see our final project!  It was too good.  So of course, we had to take it one step further, as if our win wasn’t already sealed.  One of my classmates brought in blood make up, used to decorate for Halloween Costumes and a mask.  So my best friend in class and I were elected to play the parts of Hannibal Lector and a “bleeding to death victim.”  We placed the blood in our hands and slammed each other in the face with it, dragging our hands down from our forehead down to our neck.  Streaking blood and splatter everywhere.

She sat in the chair we had previously decorated and I sat at her ankles looking up the ceiling, in a very dead-like pose.  People instantly started surrounding us, taking pictures, making compliments, muttering oh-so-nice comments under their breath, and of course, asking “How Did You Guys Do That?!”  My personal favorite question.  Hehe.  She sat perfectly still and I barely breathed.  Neither of us spoke a word of acknowledgement.  In the background, lights dimmed and all that was visible (besides us and the door) was the blinking of the strobe light, the fogging of our fog machine, and the glowing of the red and white lights that lit the chair and doorway.  We played the theme song from Nightmare on Elm Street in the background.  How appropriate.

Let the Judging Begin…

The judging commenced and as the Dean and the Advisers walked around judging, room to room. We laid there still.  I closed my eyes and “slept” as the judged us, pressing the button and allowing fog to cloud up the hallway all around us.  The Dean shrieked as she walked past us, stopping to giggle at herself and verbally noting our creativity.  I tried my hardest to contain my smile.  We walked back to class, bloodied and gashed, with a huge smile on our faces.  Five minutes later, we heard that the judging was over and we would know by 2:20 pm who had won the contest.  We returned to class and hummed through the day, I mainly stared at the clock.  Waiting.

And the Winner Is…

The Dean knocked on our door and walked in,  “Congrats Everyone!  You are our winners, By a Landslide!”  Yesssss!  Half of the class jumped up and shouted while the other half high-fived and hugged each other.  We were very happy to have won.  Especially considering we hadn’t bragged to anyone and we were having people make negative comments to us all day.  Haters.  “Pizza Party tomorrow!”  and with that, the class cheered louder and we hugged our teacher.  Poor Professor, getting locked in the loop.  Haha.  With that being said, I am going to take a second to breathe in the victory and laugh at the haters.  It’s not a big competition to win but you know what, it’s the principal.  Daddy didn’t raise a loser and this is just another way of proving it.   Congrats fellow classmates, we did it!

Up Close of Door.
(Note: Gel Blood Running Down From Top of Door)

Full View of Door
(Note:  Organs in the Webbing)

Super Close Up of Door.
(Sign Reads:  Head Coroner  *Professor’s Name*  MD)

Us with the Door

That’s A Lot of Blood…

Death Becomes Her…


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