Help Keep the Arts in Our School

Hi everyone! I usually don’t enlist the help of my friends and family, but I find that this is a really important issue.

My sister attends Buena Regional High School here in Buena, NJ.  Due to the lack of funds, her school is on the verge of cutting out the arts programs.  They have already cut out lots of sports from her school.

These kids need arts in their schooling.  For some, it’s an outlet.  An escape from a reality.  For some, it’s the ONLY escape.

I promised my sister that I would post the link here, and ask for votes.  My sister’s school needs our help.  You can vote every day, once a day.  Here’s a note from the website first:

Great music is all about teamwork. That’s why these three champions – Fox, Ryan Murphy (the creator of GLEE), and the National Association for Music Education– have joined together through GLEE Give A Note to fight for struggling programs all across the country.

GLEE Give A Note will support music education by awarding $1 million dollars in prize money to music programs in jeopardy throughout the United States.

In this difficult economy, state legislators and school districts are trying to cope with serious budget woes by slashing education funding— music programs are often the first to go.

So if you can, take the moment.  It literally takes two seconds (once the link loads) to click “vote” on the page.  The Vocal Choir put together a special video just for this.  They wrote all the lyrics and music themselves for their video.  Remember you can vote once a day, so pass the link on and vote please.  I thank all of you in advance.  Thank you so much.

Vote Here:

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