Reasons My Best Friends Love Me

I recently was handed a list of reasons why one of my best (female) friends loves me so much.  It was actually pretty comical to me, and thus, it’s getting posted here.  Haha.  Love my friends.

Note: Excuse my friend’s vulgar language.

  • You’re definitely the hottest republican I know – and I know a lot of them damn it.
  • You’ll break up with me a million times, but good thing is, I’m always the one you call.
  • One day she’ll learn to stop breaking up with me…or not
  • I plan to take her Vegas virginity soon.
  • You always plan her moods around mine… or something along those lines.
  • I can always know your mood by looking at my own.
  • We destroy our lives at the same time – it’s easier to relate that way.
  • You’re the only republican I could even think about fucking.
  • You never listens to my advice, even though I’m always right.
  • Always.

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