For What It’s Worth, It Was Worth All the While…

I can’t explain just why I’m acting this way. I can’t control it, so ill go with it. I’m just a girl, I wont be changing the world and girl you know that I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you.

This was real once, now its only a dream.

All alone in my room, wishing that you were here.
without you in my arms, I’m holding back all these tears.

I’ve got my heart set on you, and that’s not changing for anyone. ever ♥

I just wish that for one moment…you could be me and maybe,
only’ll realize how much you actually hurt me

I’m still holding on to something that I know will never happen, because inside me; I have this little piece of hope that someday, it will.

I look at you and think, this is the way it’s supposed to be. this is what I’ve been waiting for. This is everything. you’re my everything♥

if I could travel back in time; I’d go to a place where I was still yours, and you still mine.

” spare me just three last words.
“I love you” is all she heard.
ill wait for you, but I can’t wait forever. ”

For you see, each day I love you more.
Today more than yesterday
and less than tomorrow. ♥

the world stares while i swallow the fear.

“i will never let you fall, ill stand up with you forever. ill be there for you through it all; even if saving you sends me to heaven. ♥ ♥ ♥ ”

baby i was naive, got lost in your eyes and never really had a chance

if you love somebody, let them go. if they return,
they were always yours. if they don’t, they never were.”

you better put a condom on – if you’re gonna act like a dick
you need to dress like one.

all of the stars, have faded away just try not to worry .. you’ll see them someday

you felt the gravity of tempered grace, falling into empty space with no one there to catch you in their arms

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other I’m gonna get through this one way or another. ‘Cause I know it’s warmer where you are ’cause no matter how far the view, I still always look up to you. I’ll always look up to you.

Here comes the sun,and I say… it’s alright.

“Freedom can be freezing, take a picture from the pretty side, mind your manners wave your banners, what a wonderful world that this angle can see.”

“Dreams aren’t what they used to be
Some things sat by so carelessly … oh smile like you mean it.”

if you could just close your eyes, I’d help you pull the trigger.

she flies with her own wings♥

Things can go bad, and make you want to runaway… but as we grow older the horizon seems to fade away. ♥

Take the best of me and watch my world fall apart… still I remain steadfast in my heart.


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