Little Red Tree

This poem was written back when I was in my teenage years.  It’s not perfect nor is it meant to be.  My dad was doing construction on the roof of the house.  He was hacking and chopping and sawing away at the surrounding trees.  We had this tree in our front yard.  A beautiful red tree.  My dad ended up chopping a branch off this tree and it flat-out crushed the gorgeous red tree in our yard. 


Little Red Tree,
You were crushed by my daddy.

As you were smashed apart
It tore my heart.

You were not tall
But I loved you small.

Poor Little Red Tree
Were you meant to be?

As people fled
You stood little tree.

When I looked at the ground and saw the red
A thousand words rushed to my head.

Little Red Tree
So small and weak.

Were you meant to be?


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