Results Are In: Getting Over A Break-Up

Don’t Fight Your Feelings…

We have all been there.  We have all felt the heartache and overwhelming depression that is associated with a breakup.  It’s just part of life.  It’s normal to feel like your emotions are taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.  You are going to have days that you are feeling up and days you are going to feel down.  It’s okay to feel angry or sad.  It’s okay to hold resentment and confusion towards the other person.  You might even feel relief or fear.  It’s important that you acknowledge your feelings.  You might feel like going through the “steps” of moving on might be painful, but trust me, trying to suppress or ignore your emotions will only prolong the process, hence taking a longer for you to move on.

Talk About How You Are Feeling…

I know it’s not an easy subject to discuss with others most of their time, but being open with your feelings is a very helpful way of moving on.  It is very important to understand the root of your problem (whether it be from fear of being alone to fear of rejection and so on.)  You are grieving.  In order to come to terms with that, you have to tell others how you are feeling.  Maybe they can help you move on.  Knowing that others are aware of your feelings may help you feel like you have others in your life that understand you.  That they understand what you’re going through.  That you are not going through it alone.  Venting to others will also help you become aware of your feelings.  Not just others.  When you have others in your life understanding of what you’re going through you will feel less alone.  You will heal.  Another good technique to get through a break up is by keeping a journal or a diary.  It can be a helpful outlet for you to heal your feelings and emotions.  This way, you don’t have to open up to others if you feel uncomfortable about doing so, but it will help get it out of your system.

Remember that moving on is your end goal…

When you express your emotions you will liberate yourself.  You will stop feeling the emotional torment that has crowded your mindset.  It is important not to dwell on your negative emotions and feelings.  It is also imperative not to over-analyze the situation.  Do not over think.  If you are stuck in your hurtful feelings you will do nothing more than waste valuable energy.  Wasting your time on feeling blame, anger, resentment, depression, and so on will just prevent you from healing and moving forward.

Remind yourself that you still have a future…

 Just because you broke up with someone, doesn’t mean your life ended.  You WILL be okay.  There IS life after a break up.  Everything comes full circle.  When you are ready to move on, you will open yourself up to the opportunity to commit to another person.  Doing so will allow you to create many new hopes and dreams.  It’s hard to let these dreams go.  As you grieve your loss of the future you once envisioned having with someone, realize you will eventually have a new, different future with someone new.  Be encouraged by the fact that new hopes and dreams will eventually come and succeed your old dreams.  You will be whole again.


One thought on “Results Are In: Getting Over A Break-Up

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