Results Are In: Enough Is Enough

Okay, I am a little heated.  I have lost three friends this year alone over this and I think it’s about time to address the issue.  In this post I am going to address the simple signs on how to tell if you are just a booty call or casual sex partner, as well as explain why becoming an asshole just to score with the ladies is not a good idea.

I’m probably going to curse and if you don’t like it, then please don’t read.  I don’t want to see angry hate mail in the morning.  🙂

Yup, You’re a Booty Call.

I am tired of guys trying to cover up the fact that they are just using women for a “booty call” or as a “casual sex” partner.  Guess what?  Not every woman is as stupid as you think.  In fact, some usual clues that you are just being used as a piece of ass is this:

  1. If he calls you after 11 pm asking to come over and hang out.  You’re probably a booty call.  Let’s be realistic.  What normal friend calls you so late in the evening just to hang out?  Oh that’s right.  None.
  2. If he has a Facebook and won’t add you as a friend. You’re probably a booty call.  Yeah, he won’t add you because either 1.  he’s not going to dignify you by calling you a friend or 2. he doesn’t want anyone to know you hang outside of either work or school.  Like my one friend put it, “You’re school friends to everyone else.”
  3. If he is constantly talking to you about sex.  This is a tricky one.  Either he’s trying to sleep with you, seduce you, or he wants to get you thinking about sleeping with him.  Either way, he’s trying to get into your pants.
  4. If he only texts you when his girlfriend isn’t around.  He’s trying to play both of you.  He’s definitely being shady.  Be aware of that.  He may come off as so sweet and kind and the next second, flipping out on you.  Yup, he’s a player.  Don’t fall for this shit.
  5. If you’re “dating” and he refuses to put it on Facebook.  Ahhh, the power of technology.  If he refuses to put it up, it’s probably because he’s trying to play another girl at the same time.  Or man.  You never know.  There’s no way it’s because “he likes to keep his business quiet.”  Yeah right.  He’s a guy.  He will personally flaunt it himself.  Guys suck like that.
  6. If he refuses to hold your hand out in public.  First off, be grateful you are even out of the bedroom with him, let alone public.  Second, if he does allow you to grace the world with your presence together, it’s probably because he’s trying to string you along further.  Trying to get you to believe the bullshit a bit longer.

Nice Guys Finish Last

I am sick and tired of people saying “There are no nice guys left out there in the world nowadays.”  Let me set the record straight.  No, Nice Guys finish last for a reason.  Because they think the only way they are going to ever maintain a girlfriend is by being an asshole.  So the nice guy usually turns into an asshole.  Uh, no.

  1. No girl ever really likes the asshole guys.  She just thinks she can fix him.  Like a hobby or a project.  “Oh one day, he’ll come around and stop beating me.”  Bullshit.   You know it and so do I.  One day, she will wake up and realize it.  Hopefully sooner than later.
  2. That “asshole” guy is usually insecure anyways.  So I wouldn’t be too jealous of him.  The reason he slaps his woman for looking at another guy?  Yup, you guessed it.  It’s because he thinks she’s thinking of leaving him.  Hopefully she is.
  3. Women are just as evil as men.  *Sigh* As much as I hate to admit it, being a woman myself and all, women can be big bitches too.  They are just as capable as men.  If a woman is trying to break you down, don’t let her.  Don’t become jaded over an evil bitch.  She’s probably been burned in the past and has deep issues.  Do yourself a big favor and find the door as fast as possible.  Don’t look back.
  4. Karma is a bitch.  So being an asshole really gets you nowhere in life.  You may have a really hot girlfriend… that is until she wakes up and realizes your never going to change… and then you’ll be one less sandwich-making girlfriend short again.
  5. There are girls who like the nice guy. Stop trying to classify yourself.  Seriously, it’s overrated.  Just be yourself.  Stop trying to get people to like you.  If they don’t like you for who you are, then fuck ’em.  You don’t need people like that around you anyway.

Oh and one more thing.  STOP rushing into relationships.  Have a little self-worth and wait to have sex.  Don’t start sleeping with someone on the first date just because “his eyes match your sweater” or she just seems “so easy to relate to”.  If it’s meant to be, it will be… in good time.  And no, that doesn’t mean the first or second day. Ladies, keep the legs shut.  Guys, keep it zipped.  Haha.  End rant.  🙂


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