“I’ll Just Take Three.”

As most of you know I am in Medical School, so you would think I am well on my way to learning all there is to know about the medical field.  Yea, well so did I. 

Today, I woke up like every other morning.  I woke up at 6 am, shut off the alarm clock, and made my  bed.  I walked down the hallway, and let Harley, my adorable puppy out for her morning bathroom run.  I put on my uniform for school and ate breakfast.  While eating breakfast, I decided to take my morning dose of vitamins.  That’s when I realized I had forgot to take my birth control pills for three days. 

I decided, that I would take one pill right then, take another two hours later, and take the last one at lunch break.  I quickly popped the first pill, finished getting ready for school, and then left for class.  Halfway there, I figured I would forget to take the second pill so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.  I popped the second birth control pill

When I got to school, I noticed that I started having some stomach cramps.  I chalked it up to just being a female.  I went through my first clinical class, learning about the Endocrine System.  Then, the second class began and thus, the cramps began to get worse.  I went for a walk around school to help try to work them out.  Unfortunately, it worked to no advantage.

Lunch time rolled around faster than I thought and a few classmates and I went out to lunch.  While eating, I popped the third and final pill, thus bringing me completely up to date with my birth control pills.  We went through lunch and then headed back to class.  When we got back to class, all of a sudden I couldn’t sit still.  I was clicking my pen nonstop, bouncing my leg, and dazed.  It was so weird.  It was as if I didn’t even have control over my own body.

I told my professor what was going on, and asked him what it could possibly be.  I explained everything down to the T of what had happened all day, and he quickly looked at me. 

“Did you read the instruction label?”

“No. I never do.  Why?”

“You are only supposed to take one a day. If you miss a dose, you are supposed to just skip it.”

“But I missed two doses.”

“Then you skip them!”


“Yes, so be prepared for worse cramps, and don’t be surprised if there is bleeding.”

“…. Shit.”

“You know the reason why you are so antsy is because with triple amounts of Progesterone in your system, your body is acting accordingly.  Your body is trying to find ways to burn off the excess Progesterone.”

“Ugh.. Go figure.”

I finished class and went home as usual.  I changed for work and drove to work with no problems.  About an hour and a half into work, I literally dropped to the floor.  It felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach with steel toe boots on.  I started crying and holding my stomach.  I thought I was having an appendicitis it hurt so bad.  I went to the bathroom and I found no signs of bleeding but I was still worried.  I was about to ask to go to the hospital but by the time I walked up to Management’s Office, the cramping had stopped, so I decided to head back to work.  The cramping came back sporadically until the end of my shift.

I called my doctor on break and told my doctor what happened.  She told me to stop taking the pack and to make an appointment to come in and see her so we can alter and switch medications.  Lesson well learned the hard way.  I will never ever take three times the amount I should have with ANY medications, let alone Birth Control.  My stomach is still cramping even now.  I just hope it ceases.  Haha.  I’m such an idiot.


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