Making Memories of Us

My cousin Stephanie married her best friend Nick on 11.11.11.  It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony and she made the perfect bride.  I am so excited for her and her new husband.  I wish them nothing but the absolute best in life and a wonderful, long marriage.  ❤  I just wanted to post their wedding song here for everyone to hear.  It was the first time I have ever heard this song and it literally brought tears to my eyes to see both my cousin and her husband so very happy.  For once, I wasn’t such a skeptic about love.  For once, I actually believed it was plausible to be so happy with another person.  It made me feel truly blessed and humble to have such a loving and adoring family.  Nick and Steph, you two mean so much to me and the family as a whole.  I love you more than words and wish you both the very best.  ❤  ❤


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