First Date Blunders

The other day, I had a discussion with my friend about really awkward lines that were used on us in the past on first dates.  Some were funny and some were actually not half bad, while others were just too funny for words.  So I decided to compile some of our worst first dates ever.  I mixed both of our first date mishaps together.  Some of them are mine and some are hers.  Either way, they are well worth a good laugh.  I’ll share a few now and compile more later.  🙂

While driving to dinner, my date and I are discussing our families.  In mid-sentence he cuts me off and says, “That was your sister?  Damn, she’s got some knockers on her.”  I politely asked him to drop me off and I called a friend to come pick me up.

While on the actual date, my date starts telling me about previous medical conditions.  Why?  Oh, I wish I knew.  That’s when he decides to tell me about one particular problem that required medical attention… “I couldn’t clear up my herpes without it.”  As soon as he finished that sentence, I finished our date.

This one actually happened to me, personally.  I was on this date with this guy.  We went out to a movie and then out to dinner afterwards.  While we’re sitting at dinner, I asked him why he finally decided to ask me out after all this time.  His answer through me through a loop.  “I asked you out because you look so much like my last girlfriend. I still think about her all the time and being with you is almost as good as being with her.”  Yes, I could have shot myself in the face.


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