Day 28: A really old song.

Day 28: A really old song.


When I was younger my dad had this really cool record player.  We used to hang around the living room listening to The Green Berets, Patsy Cline, the Fontane Sisters, and even Christmas songs by the Chipmunks.  Haha.  Yes, gathering around the record player was actually a really cool past time in my household.  A few months ago, maybe 7 or so ago, my dad went to Sears and bought this record player that allows you to transfer your records to CDs and cassettes.  I think that is a simply genius idea.   For this song challenge, I decided to go with the Fontane Sisters singing “Playmate.”  I like to think how playful and carefree music was back in the 1950s (1955 this song hit the Billboard Top Charts) versus how most music is all about death, drugs, guns, and “hoes.”  It’s always find it interesting how far in every aspect of society, we, as a whole have changed. 


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