Day 33: A really short song.

Day 33: A really short song.

When I was trying to find a good song I like for this song challenge, I originally was going to use “Happy Holidays, You Bastards” by Blink 182.  I always crack up to that song.  Plus, as an added bonus I sing that every year when I am wrapping my christmas presents for my siblings I sing it.  Especially because that’s normally how things run in my house, wrapping the last bit of presents on Christmas Eve and you are stressing to finish up real fast so you do a shitty job.  Haha.

However, for this challenge, I couldn’t find a good version of that song that bleeped out the cusses.  So I decided to go with the song I sing Harley while I’m knitting or crafting or something.  Yes, we’re dorks like that.  Haha.  Besides, this song is so cute, I often find myself singing it to myself anyways.  Haha.


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