59. Visit all 50 states

59. Visit all 50 states

I like to travel.  No, scratch that.  I love traveling.  I have been on trips with family, friends, and even by myself.  It’s probably one of my favorite pastimes.  I just love experiencing new foods, new cultures, and new places.  It’s really an awesome feeling.  So far, I have been to:

  1. New Jersey (Obviously)
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. New York
  4. Georgia
  5. Florida
  6. Alabama
  7. North Carolina
  8. South Carolina
  9. Virginia
  10. Delaware
  11. Maryland
  12. Kentucky
  13. Tennessee
  14. Missouri
  15. Texas
  16. Louisiana
  17. West Virginia
  18. Ohio
  19. Indiana
  20. Illinois
  21. Oklahoma
  22. Arkansas

My goal is to see every state, including Alaska and Hawaii.  I want to see the famous sights and experience the areas.  From the mountains to the wide open plains.  From the cities to the suburbs.  From the wetlands to the deserts.  I want to see and feel it all.  It would be absolutely amazing!


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