Christmas is not a time or a season but a state of mind.

So it’s a few weeks before Christmas, and usually this time of year, I am bustling around.  I have the Christmas tree erected the day after Thanksgiving.  I have Harley’s Christmas sweaters out to be pressed and straightened.  My house is glowing from the 15,000 lights I stick on the roof, siding, windows, porch.  My Christmas shopping is finished no later than December 2nd and they are all wrapped and sealed tight.  Christmas is my holiday in my household.  I don’t know what it is about this time of year that just brings out the best in me, well, even more so than usual.  I am so enchanted by everything.

My Tree.  🙂

Something happened this year.  I don’t know what it is.  This year, I didn’t put the tree up until today.  Literally.  I haven’t done my Christmas shopping.  The only person I do have completely marked off my list completed is Harley and Milo.  (Milo is the recent addition to our household.  Charming puppy.)  I didn’t put any lights up outside and honestly, I don’t plan on it either.  I have no idea what I’m doing for Christmas.  I don’t know who’s coming to my house.  I don’t know if I am going to a friend’s house or what is going on.  Hell, I might even have to work the day before Christmas.

This year, I have no Christmas spirit.  I have no idea why not.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me.


This morning I was driving home from medical school and it hit me.  Hard.  I mean, I always knew but it took something someone said to me earlier today to remind me.  Christmas isn’t about presents.  It’s not about the Christmas Ham everyone seems to love.  (Except me.)  It’s not about the ten thousand lights you have illuminating your yard.  It’s about spending time with your loved ones.  It’s about giving them things straight from the heart.  It’s about being thankful for every second you have with the ones you really care about.

So, with whatever little time I have left before Christmas, 11 days and counting.  I am going to MAKE my Christmas presents.  Oh no, it’s not because I am being a cheap bastard this year.  It’s because I want to give them something from the heart.  Something I made for them.  Something unique.

Milo tried sleeping under the Santa hat, and Harley thinks she’s too good for pictures.  Haha.

For my dad, I wish I knew how to make a hammer or a wrench or something useful for that matter.  Haha.
For my dad’s girlfriend, I haven’t decided.  Maybe a sweater.  But not an ugly one.  Something tasteful.
For my sister Sam, I might make her a hat and scarf set.  She’s always fashionable so she’ll make it work.
For my brothers Kevin and Kyle, I am still undecided.  Boys are always hard to make things for and I haven’t mastered making video games for the Wii yet.  Haha.
And as a recent addition, for Patrick, I have already began making his scarf.  Haha, I just need to figure out a way to make it flame retardant.  Gotta love firefighters.

Milo and Harley posing in their Christmas attire.  They so want to be done with picture time.

This year isn’t going to be as done up and pretty as every other year.  It’s okay though.  The tree is up, the candles are lit and filling the air with the smell of Christmas Cookies.  The garland is strung and Harley is sitting by my feet in her Christmas clothes as I am knitting a scarf.  I have to rush to get everything done.  But this year, Christmas is going to mean something a little bit different to me.  Somehow, just that thought alone revived my Christmas Spirit.

Hopefully, he will like blue and white.  🙂


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