The Deli Department

I work at a supermarket.  In the deli department to be more specific.  I’m doing this not because I didn’t try to find a job, but merely because it’s a means to put me through medical school.  Yes, never judge a book by its cover.  The person slicing your lunch meat, just might end up being your doctor one day.  Anyways, the reason why I am writing tonight is to tell everyone a few things that bother not only myself, but so many others that work with me.  So without further ado:

  1. Cell phone use.  Look, I know you have a busy life but can’t you put the phone down for three minutes?  When I make the first slice and you aren’t paying attention to me asking you questions, then when I am getting ready to ring it up, you are complaining that it’s too thick or thin.  Well, if you weren’t talking about who you are going to go see tonight or whatever on the phone, I wouldn’t have to cut another pound of ham and you wouldn’t have to wait longer.
  2. Walking away.  I am not your grocery list.  I am not your personal shopper.  Do not come to the deli counter and hand me a list of things you want and tell me that you “are going to be right back.”  It’s really unfair to everyone else who has been waiting in line.  When you write down, say for instance, one pound turkey and you aren’t around I don’t know what kind of turkey you want.  I don’t know what brand, if you want dry or wet turkey, if you want low sodium, honey, smoked, peppered… the list goes on.  Plus, you aren’t there to tell me thickness, and then when you get home you are mad that your cheese is cut thick.
  3. Last minute shoppers.  I know you probably were working or what have you, but when it is 9:55 pm and the store closes at 10 pm, please don’t come to the deli counter.  It take at least 20 minutes to completely clean a slicer and then we still have to wrap any cheeses and meats that were opened up all day.  It’s really annoying too.  Especially when people say things like, “Oh, I hate to come so late.” or “I feel bad for making you cut a quarter pound of roast beef when you are trying to close down.”  I don’t mind helping customers last-minute, but when it’s the same people doing it week after week, it’s just rude.  You wouldn’t like it if someone came in last-minute to your work and as a result, you had to stay much later than intended.
  4. “Cut For Sandwiches.”  When I ask you how thick you want your turkey, ham, or bologna cut and you say “Oh whatever, it’s going to be used for sandwiches.”  Okay, I may work in the deli department, but I am not mentally challenged.  Most people who buy lunch meat put it on bread and make a sandwich.  I do understand that, but to reiterate the fact that you are going to make a sandwich with the ham I am about to slice, irritates me.
  5. “Shaved”  I have customers come up to the counter and asked for their lunch meat “shaved.”  It’s cut so finely on the slicer that it literally breaks apart.  I don’t mind shaving it.  That’s not even the issue.  The problem is when I am shaving it, you wait till I am almost done to change your mind.  When meat is cut that finely, I can’t resell it.  So it’s wasted.  So before you tell someone to chip your lunch meat or slice it really thin, try to be courteous to us.  We are there to help you, but don’t take advantage of our kindness.  We wouldn’t do that to you.

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