49. See a show on Broadway.

49. See a show on Broadway.

I have always wanted to see a play on Broadway.  To truly experience the artistic stand point of a musical, you have to see it first hand.  Not on a movie, not on a school stage, but rather live in person.  If I had a choice on what play or musical I would want to see on Broadway, I would have to go with “Wicked“.

In January, my sister Samantha turns 18.  Big day for her.  So, as a present for her, I plan on taking the train from the town next to mine, and taking it up to Philadelphia.  Then I will take another train up to New York and get off just a couple of blocks away from Broadway.  As an added bonus, Wicked will be playing!  Yay!  So hopefully all pans out well and I can surprise my sister with a super awesome birthday present, while at the same exact time, I can cross off another thing off my bucket list.  🙂


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