Cheer Up It’s Christmas

Today, when I woke up I was more than excited.  I sat under the tree and waited for the kids to wake up.  As they piled themselves on the couches, I gather their presents into nice and neat piles.  I handed them out one by one for an hour or so until every last present was opened.  Usually, there is an incident or a problem.  As with any family.  Someone doesn’t like the game you got them, someone doesn’t like the sweater you hand-made them for hours….  But then something happened.  Something I never expected.

My dad’s girlfriend and I went out to the store a few days before Christmas and had dog tags made up for my sister.  She’s going away to the Army in a few short months and she won’t be back for at least a year and a half, so this may be our last Christmas with her for quite some time.  On the dog tags we had engraved:

Together Forever
Never Apart

Maybe in Distance
But Never in Heart

When she read the engravings she broke down crying.  I couldn’t even stop myself if I wanted to.  I started tearing up alongside my dad’s girlfriend.  My sister and I are really close and for her to cry like that, I couldn’t help but cry along with her.  So there I sat, in a pile of presents.  Crying.  That was a first for me, in 22 years.

My sister reminded me why I get so excited for Christmas.  Because of moments like these.  When you are sitting there anticipating the reaction you are going to receive, no matter how unexpected.

So to my baby Sister, Sam.. you are going to be missed next Christmas.  I love you baby sister.  More than you’ll ever know.


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