“A Woman Like You”

So, Patrick went on vacation this weekend and sadly, I couldn’t go.  I had finals so that forced my vacation to be postponed to another day.  When that is, I don’t know.  Anyways, when he was gone he posted on my wall a song from YouTube.  Normally, I don’t post things like this but to be honest, I was very touched by this gesture.  I have never heard of this song before and to be honest, the first couple lines through me off, but after the song finished all the way through, that’s when I realized what it meant.

Sometimes, I wonder where we’re headed as far as a future.  Sometimes everything because unbelievably unclear.  Some days I have no idea where I stand with him and he leaves me really confused.  But then there are days like this.  Days that I sit here, warmed knowing that someone cares.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling.  Haha.  I don’t know how I can be a cynic when he does things like that.

That’s when I realized.  It doesn’t really matter where our future is headed.  It doesn’t matter if we are going to stay together for a week, a month, a year, or forever.  It doesn’t matter if we get married or break-up in the future.  All that should matter and does matter is that we are captivated by the little things.  That we spend what time we do have together, enjoying just being in the same room as each other.  That we recognize the beautiful, undeniably sweet things that do occur throughout our daily lives.  So in a way, this is me recognizing it.  This is me signifying that throughout the chaos and the icy exterior I emulate, I do see the little things and they get me through the day.  🙂


2 thoughts on ““A Woman Like You”

  1. Honey you spend so much time planning your future, preparing for your future, contemplating your future and worrying about it. Making a plan is GOOD but you can’t live solely in the future. You have to give yourself RIGHT NOW. Especially when it comes to this. Remember – Sean and I were supposed to be just friends, someone to hang out with and have fun adventures. Look what happened.

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