45. Fire a Gun (other than a paintball gun.)

45.  Fire a Gun

I’m a pretty big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  I believe everyone has the right to own and operate a gun (within reason.)  I don’t believe just anyone should have a gun because that’s how lunatics get a hold of weapons and shoot up schools.  Anyways, I have always wondered what it was like to shoot a firearm.

I know there are kick-backs and all and I just want to experience one.  I want to feel the tingling in my hand and fingers as I unload a round into a target.  I want to hear the shells of bullets clink as they bounce off the ground right below the gun.  I want to feel the silence between every shot, listening as I ever so slowly pull the trigger each time.  Click, clink, click.  I want to feel the adrenaline flow up my arm and shiver down my spine with each passing trigger pull.

Haha, man I am glad I was raised by my father.


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