Movie Challenge

The 100 Day Movie Challenge is a list of movie descriptions where you choose the movie that personally fits. I am going to do this day by day.  I’ll share clips of the movies that I chose and maybe you will like them too.  🙂

The List:

Day 01: The last film you saw at the cinema.
Day 02: A film released on the same year that you were born.
Day 03: A film you currently want to see.
Day 04: A film released when you were ten years old.
Day 05: A film you watched with your parents.
Day 06: One of the first films you saw at the cinema.
Day 07: A film that hasn’t got a sequel, but should.
Day 08: The last film you watched.
Day 09: Your favourite animated film.
Day 10: A great film from the 80’s
Day 11: A film starring someone you think is attractive. (Who is it?)
Day 12: A film based in your country of residence.
Day 13: A great film from the 70’s.
Day 14: One of your favourite films.
Day 15: A film you can practically quote word for word.
Day 16: A film that had a great trailer, but was rubbish.
Day 17: A film you like, but a friend doesn’t.
Day 18: A film that made you cry.
Day 19: A film you thought was totally rubbish.
Day 20: A film starring someone who is more know as a singer. (Who is it?)
Day 21: A film starring a poor actor/actress.
Day 22: A film lasting over 2 hours.
Day 23: A film you thought was really funny.
Day 24: A great film from the 90’s.
Day 25: A good film based on a true story.
Day 26: A film everyone seems to have seen, but you haven’t.
Day 27: A scary film.
Day 28: A film that shouldn’t have had a sequel.
Day 29: A great film from the nighties.
Day 30: A great old film.
Day 31: A film you think most people have forgotten about.
Day 32: A film set in the future.
Day 33: A great film released this year.
Day 34: A film set at sea.
Day 35: A film with a number in the title. (Not a sequel).
Day 36: A musical film you’ve seen.
Day 37: A film with a great soundtrack.
Day 38: A film with a good DVD/VHS cover. (Post image if you can)
Day 39: A film you’ve watched lots of times.
Day 40: A good film that never went to the cinema.
Day 41: A film in the cinema now, you want to see.
Day 42: A film in the cinema now, you have no interest in watching.
Day 43: A film you think is over rated.
Day 44: A film people wouldn’t expect you to like, but you do
Day 45: A good Sci-fi film.
Day 46: A film with rubbish effects.
Day 47: A film not yet rereleased you want to watch.
Day 48: A good Christmas film.
Day 49: A film starring one of your favourite actors/actress.
Day 50: A film with an animal as the main star.
Day 51: A film that is a remake.
Day 52: A film starring an actor/actress who is dead.
Day 53: A film with a great quote in it. (Quote the quote).
Day 54: A great film that is black & white.
Day 55: A film that at first left you a little confused.
Day 56: A good war film.
Day 57: A film that was released when you were five years old.
Day 58: A film previously posted by another user of this site, that you liked.
Day 59: A film that is good, but is let down by the ending.
Day 60: A random film.
Day 61: A film you think is under rated.
Day 62: A good children’s film.
Day 63: A weird film.
Day 64: A film that bores you.
Day 65: A film that your friend likes, but you don’t.
Day 66: A film that you think would have been better with another actor/actress. (Who should have starred in it?)
Day 67: An old film that should be re-made.
Day 68: A film you have never watched, but know you won’t like.
Day 69: A film with a sad ending.
Day 70: A film with a great twist at the end.
Day 71: A good film, classed as a chick-flick.
Day 72: A film with a really funny scene. (What is the scene?)
Day 73: A film you like where the main actor/actress is the opposite sex than you. (Who’s the actor/actress?)
Day 74: A good film that is in a trilogy or more.
Day 75: A good ‘Man’ film.
Day 76: A film you thought was going to be rubbish, but was proven wrong.
Day 77: A good ‘Rom-Com‘.
Day 78: A film packed with action.
Day 79: A film you watched with an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
Day 80: A film you like where the main actor/actress is a different race than you.
Day 81: A great British film.
Day 82: A great Disney film.
Day 83: A film released the same year as the very last film mentioned on this page.
Day 84: A film released when you were fifteen.
Day 85: A film starring an actor/actress who was born the same year as you. (Who is the actor/actress?)
Day 86: A film set over 100 years ago.
Day 87: A film starring Eddie Murphy.
Day 88: A film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Day 89: A film for Halloween.
Day 90: An animated film that is not by Disney.
Day 91: A comedy that was not funny.
Day 92: The first film you come across searching todays TV guide.
Day 93: A film you own, but have never watched.
Day 94: A film you think hardly anyone else on this site has seen.
Day 95: A film starring Tom Hanks.
Day 96: A dead actors/actress last ever film.
Day 97: A film an actors/actress first ever film.
Day 98: A film that went on too long.
Day 99: A film with very few characters.
Day 100: I have completed ‘The 100 Day Movie Challenge’, so for no reason I deserve to post this clip of a movie, just because I can.


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