Results Are In: Going Green

I find it funny how so many people are considering “Going Green.”  Everything we want in the grocery store has some way or another been converted to “green” standards.  Paper cups are now made with natural ingredients, paper towels are now made natural (whatever the hell that means), even toilet paper is all natural.  That’s really great and all.  I applaud million dollar corporations using up money to convert products over.

What makes me smile and laugh even more though is this.  I work at a grocery store at night.  By day, I work at an Orthopedics Office and by night I slave away at a grocery store, and you would not believe some of the things I have seen.  I love it when people spend hours searching the store for “green” products and are even willing to spend extra money buying these products.  They get to the registers and have their own green bags and save a few nickles per bag with them.  Win win.  The world is cleaner, and they save money.

Then I look out the window and I watch these same people who spent hours and hundreds “going green“, walk over to the parking lot and then load their groceries into hummers, jeeps, and trucks.  Um, hello?  These vehicles waste more gas than they do save.  I mean, we live in New Jersey, not the Alps.  It’s not like we need four wheel drive on a daily basis and even in the winter time, it’s not like there’s a lot of snow that usually falls.  It’s kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

Sometimes I wonder, if people are going through all this trouble as a front.  They want people to think they are going green and trying to conserve energy and do their part.  Now, it would make sense if they were to drive around in smart cars and hybrids.  Electric cars that save so much gas and energy.  But the simple fact that they drive around in hummers astounds me.  At least be honest to yourself.  Ha, I’ll never understand people.


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