Interning with Some of South Jersey’s Finest Doctors

It was 7:30 pm, last night.  I had just worked an 8:00 am to 5:00 pm shift at The Rothman Institute where I am doing my internship.  I slid my plate of spaghetti across the table and grabbed the remote off the corner table.  I flicked through the channels until I found something decent on.  I knew I wasn’t going to watch it, it was more for background static.  Background noise.  I fed Harley a plate dog food and scratched her ears as I bent to sit in my chair.  The TV‘s glow lit the living room up and then I heard a family name.

A commercial for the Rothman Institute was playing.  I couldn’t help smile.  Some of my bosses that I work with on a daily basis were shown caring for patients.  It was actually pretty cool.

It also oddly, made me a little proud.  I work with some of the best doctors in the state.  I get to wake up every day knowing that the people who I hand charts, coffee, and scan paperwork for.. are indeed, specialists.  I get to converse and joke on a daily basis with these awesome doctors.  These same doctors who mend broken bones, tendons, and muscles.  The same doctors who drain knees, inject lidocaine, and perform surgeries.  Haha, sorry for sounding a little conceited, it’s just the little things in life that get you by some days.  And some days you need those little things more than others.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the commercial I saw on TV last night on YouTube, but here’s another awesome one I found.   🙂


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