Bucketlist # 40. Check.

*~* UPDATE *~*

March 12th, 2009.

I finally dyed my hair.

I went for the first time ever from a dark blonde/light brunette…. to a platinum blonde.  I definitely liked it so much more.  What started as a cute little experiment, turned into a new way of shaping my personality.  Shaping who I am.

Since the first time I dyed my hair till now, I have tried so many colors on me.

Black, Red, Reddish Brown, Brown, Chocolate Brown, Platinum Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, and Brown-Black.  Haha.  It’s pretty cool seeing how I look with each different color, each helping shape me.

(Black.  :))


(Platinum Blonde.)



Haha.  Literally last night, I just switch colors again.  I went from Dark Reddish Brown, to Bright Strawberry Blonde.  We’ll see how long till I change up again.  🙂

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