A friend can tell you the things you don’t want to tell yourself.

(Me):  “You would be lost without me.”
(Patrick):  “I don’t know about that… but you do make me happy.”
(Me):  “I do?”
(Patrick)”:  “Yup.”
(Me):  “Haha, when I’m naked?”
(Patrick):  “Nope.  When you leave.”

*My sister walked in the door at 11:03 pm.  She’s still on her provisional license*
(Me):  “You little criminal.  You have a curfew for 11 pm.  You’re late.”
(Sam):  “Did your dad say anything about me being late?”
(Me):  “Yeah.  He said he’s not going to bail you out.”

(Me):  “Ohhh have you ever seen that movie?”
(Patrick): “City of Angels? Nope.”
(Me):  “I love that movie.   I actually cried during that movie.  Let’s watch it.”
(Patrick):  “Eh, I’m not watching it.”
(Me):  “Fine. Then let’s watch Twilight.”
(Patrick):  “Nevermind, we’ll watch City of Angels.”

(Brian):  “Be my valentine?”
(Me):  “How?  You’re probably working.”
(Brian):  “We can skype.”
(Me):  “Haha.”
(Brian):  “Is that a yes?”
(Me):  “I’ll skype you my answer.”

(Will):  *Gets ready to throw a balled up sock at me* “Ready! Dodge-sock!”

(Me):  “Dad, how is it that you remind me of Homer Simpson every time I see an episode?”
(Dad):  “Uhh… *laughs* I don’t know.”
*Dad burps really loud.*
(Me):  “Jesus, need a drop cloth to catch the crumbs?”

(Me):  “I need too move out and be more independent.  And I need a roommate.”
(Sean):  “Well, if you ever get the balls to marry me, you would have a roommate.”
(Me):  “Hahaha.  Is that your idea of a proposal?”
(Sean):  “Hahaha. Close, but I would do it more classy than just over the phone.”
(Me):  “True. You would at least go on skype.”

(Me):  “Wanna hang out sometime?”
(Sean):  “Sure. When?”
(Me):   “November 2012.  We can go to the movies.”
(Sean):  “What the hell? You don’t even know what’s going to be playing then.”
(Me):  “Yes I do.  Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.”
(Sean):  “How many times do I have to tell you about Twilight!”

(Sean):  “We’ll buy a house with a moat around it, filled with crocodiles!”
(Me):  “I like that!”
(Sean):  “Yeah, and we’ll have pet walruses”
(Me):  “And penguins!”
(Sean):  “Yes! I love it.”
(Me):  “Can we get a sea otter, I always wanted one?”
(Sean):  “No.  I have to draw the line at penguins.  Sea Otters?  Oh now, that’s just crazy talk.”

*While I’m making dinner*
(Peter):  “Are you frying them?”
(Me):  “No. That’s really unhealthy. Fried foods aren’t good for you.”
(Peter):  “If you fry them in vegetable oil, it’s okay!”


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