Texts From Yesterday

Yesterday, I dealt with the harsh tone of love that was thrust into the air.  All day I watched my friends post statuses about their boyfriends being the “best boyfriends ever!” and how their girlfriends are “super nice.” Gag.  Allow me some space so I can throw up.  Puh-lease.  People are so in love on Valentine’s Day and then the next day they are saying how much they hate each other.  Ugh.

Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with the terrible day alone.  I was at work most of the day, but I that didn’t stop my friends.  All day, I received messages on Facebook, text messages, and comments from my friends sending me some love.  Most of my friends know just how hard this holiday is on me, regardless if I’m single or not.  It’s just a bad day for me.  Hence, the cynical side comes out more often than not.

So in honor of my beautiful, fantastic friends, I want to share some of their amazing texts, comments, and messages here for everyone to see.  Some are funny and cute, some are just amazingly adorable, and some are traditional; no matter what, they mean the world to me.  Thanks everyone.  Without you, I would be even more down hearted, guarded, and frigid than I am now.  You’re all amazing.  ❤

“You won’t be alone forever.  One day, some lucky guy is going to walk into your life and you are going to fall head over heels.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, even though you are at work.  And have a good day at work!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

“Even though we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend or even around each other, I still consider you my valentine for the day.”

Happy Hearts Day  *Kisses*”

“Happy Singles Awareness Day!”

“I hope you feel better today, you are beautiful and don’t let anyone make you feel different.  Your smile lights people’s day up all the time.  It’s like sitting on a beautiful night and just looking up at the sky and knowing something better is out there for everyone.  I just wanted you to know so that smile can be there to continue doing that.”

“Sorry about the ‘dump’, yay for new beginnings and going out on a limb! I boycott this day personally!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day girlie! Btw, I’m on pain meds, nothing I say to be held against me, please!”

“Your ex is a fucking idiot.  He let a great woman like you go?  Yeah, he’s an idiot.  Don’t let it bring you down.  You have a lot going for you.  So what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day?  That doesn’t mean you aren’t amazing.  Besides, you get to spend the day with hot doctors!  You should be thrilled you’re single!”

“You’re beautiful.”


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