Paranormal Activity 3

Tonight I watched Paranormal Activity 3 with my sister Sam.  It starts off kicking right from the beginning.  Within the first 15 minutes you already know that there’s something out of the ordinary with this house.  Well, obviously.  Anyways, through a series of events, the house gets more and more terrifying to those living inside it.  There was a lot of moments that made me gasp and jump.  A few twists that made me jump but nothing overly terrifying.  It’s not gory and I don’t think a drop of blood was shown.  I found this movie okay overall.  Would it be something I would recommend to people to see?  Eh… probably not.  It’s not that scary but it’s more along the lines of a psychological thriller.  So if you’re into that kind of thing, then sure. Check it out.

My rating:  6 out of 10. 


2 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity 3

  1. Yeah, I’m with you here. Paranormal Activity series are okay, but you won’t be satisfied if you want some serious suspense.

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