Beauty without expression is boring.

I think people are most beautiful when they are crying.  Only when they are on full on tears, bawling their eyes out — do we really see people for what they are truly worth.  I think it’s beautiful to see some people just bare their soul.  Every tear drop is another ounce of pain striking right out the pain.

No they aren’t pretty.  At least, not physically.  Make-up smeared, mascara running down their cheeks, and red-puffy eyes and all.  What is pretty is that their soul is put right out there for you to see.  For you to really see what they are like, when they drop their defenses and drop the charade.  Having your emotions so raw…

Beauty is everywhere.  It is all open to interpretation.  Not everyone will see what I mean right now, but if you think about it for a second… maybe you’ll see it too.


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