I’m Switching It Up

So, this week marks a very important time in my life.  I am going to be filling out my exit interview sheet Tuesday and I will officially be finished with my internship.  Yay!

However, with the upcoming interview pending, I have come to a hard realization.  I no longer want to be a physical therapist.  Yes, they are amazing doctors and do fantastic work for and with patients, but after working countless hours with them, along with other doctors, I have come to realize, it’s not my calling.  I could see myself doing it for sure, but it’s not what I think would suit me best.

That’s why, I plan on switching.  I am going to instead, finish out my school and pursue in the future, working in Orthopedics strictly.  Possibly, joints more specifically.  I haven’t really decided yet.  I don’t know if I want to become a surgeon or a doctor.  Both are pretty important in the medical field and both do wonderful work.  I just think I could do more good working as an Orthopedic doctor/surgeon.

Who knows where this crazy endeavor is going to take me and where I just might end up.  That’s the beauty of it though.  It’s not really where you came from or where you’re going… it’s how you got there and everything you learned along the way that makes you who are you.


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