Best April Fools Prank Ever

My sister Sam is officially mad at me.  Haha.  Let me explain.

Two weeks ago, I decided this year, I wanted to play a really awesome April Fools prank on my sister.  After countless ideas drawn up and then shortly later, discarded…. I finally came up with the best idea ever.

Two days prior to April 1st, I took a video camera in my bathroom and set it up to record the bathroom empty.  I recorded five minutes and then shut it off, rewound the tape, and set it up for playback.  🙂

Today, after doing some yard work, my sister told me she was going to shower.  While she was showering, I hooked up the camera to the television in my living room and hit play on the camera.  I paused it until my sister got out of the shower.  I gathered all my brothers and sisters along with my parents into the living room and when I heard her coming down the hallway, I hit play.  We broke out laughing, and when she looked over at the television and saw the bathroom, she froze.

My brother laughed “Sam! You shouldn’t use that much soap!”

My dad:  “Heyyy miss nakerssss.”

I could barely contain my laughter.  “Sam, I didn’t know you sang so much in the shower!”

After a few minutes of her standing there blankly looking at my family, mortified, I let her in on the secret.  I told her how it was planned in advanced and I showered her the camera.

Haha, she’s still pretty pissed.  Hahaha, April Fools!  Hahahahhahahahahhaahaha.


3 thoughts on “Best April Fools Prank Ever

  1. Worst April Fools Day Prank ever: my friend told me that Justin Bieber died, I cried so much until he said April Fools the next day

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