Bucketlist # 49. Check.


April 7th, 2012.

I finally went to Broadway!

For my 23rd birthday, this year, I received tickets to Broadway from my dad and his girlfriend.  How nice of them!  I went with my sister, Samantha.  We drove up first thing in the morning and after driving 2 hours and 30 minutes, we were finally in New York!  It was such a fun drive.  Upon arrival, we parked at the first parking lot and walked up ten blocks to 9th and 51st Street.  On route, we met Ryan Matthew (a TV show celebrity from the show Oddities that plays on the Discovery Channel.)  That was so cool!!

(Ryan Matthew pictured here.)

We walked up a few more blocks and explored the area.  A lot of scenic places before walking into the Gershwin Theatre.  Walking into Broadway was an amazing thing.  The moment you walked in through the door, you couldn’t help but feel enchanted by EVERYTHING.  The music, the people, and even the air felt different somehow.  I don’t know how to explain it. We stood in the lobby for a good half hour, soaking it all in.  Breathing in the experience.  It was amazing.  I’ve never felt anything like it before.  We took some pictures and went in for the show.

Wicked was AMAZING!  A M A Z I N G !  I mean, really.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  The effects, the singing, the acting… BLOWN A W A Y!!!  I am so incredibly glad I got to experience something as timeless and amazing as Broadway.  I used to act in high school and college but being to Broadway has truly helped me appreciate the Arts even more than ever.  If you ever get the chance, I really recommend you take the trip up and see “Wicked” on Broadway, or any Broadway show for that matter.  It is an truly unbelievably amazing experience.  So worth the trip.  The only thing left is, now I have to go back!!!   So um, who’s up for a road trip to New York?  🙂

P.S.  I am going to post a few of my favorite songs from Wicked, the Original.  I think they are just adorably delightful songs and I am in so much love with this play.  Wicked, you changed my life in such a wonderful way.  *~*Love love love*~*

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