I’m Exactly… Where I’m Supposed to Be. I Couldn’t Be Happier.

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to update everyone on a really cool life event that happened for me recently.  I have been waiting to break the news on my blog for quite some time now, but I wanted to make sure that I really was happy with the way things turned out before I said anything.

Okay, as most of you know, I graduate Medical School in May of this year.  (I know, how exciting!!) Anyway, I was waiting around to hear back from The Rothman Institute, and know if I was going to be hired on after my internship with them was completed.  After a few weeks of waiting, literally waiting around for them to call me, I finally got the nerve to call and bug one of their HR reps about getting a position.

Well, wouldn’t you know it… I actually… got HIRED.  Yes!  Yours Truly is officially a Rothman Institute employee.  Yup, I made it guys!  All of my hard work, every moment of social life, and every date I have had to blow off to do homework — yes, it has been ALL worth it.  The hours of my internship I spent getting to know all of the awesome people who have helped me with everything… have been nothing but amazing.

I am incredibly blessed to have a job working in the field that I wanted.  I couldn’t be happier with what I am doing.  Every day I wake up, knowing I am making an impact on people’s lives.  I am so thrilled to be doing what I know I am made to do.  Thank you to all my friends who have been supportive and helpful to me throughout this entire process.  I know it’s been a lot of work for all of you too.  Thank you for pushing me and kicking me in the ass when I needed it most.

I love you guys.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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